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Elevating Businesses, Impacting Futures

What Sets Us Apart

Athari Partners is a dynamic and forward-thinking investment firm dedicated to reshaping the landscape of the lower middle market. Our mission is clear: to identify, acquire, and nurture promising businesses, fostering their growth and potential for long-term success.


With a keen eye for untapped potential and a commitment to responsible and sustainable growth, we take pride in the meaningful Athari (“Impact” in Swahili) we create for both businesses and communities alike.


At Athari Partners, we don't just invest; we partner with entrepreneurs and management teams to unlock opportunities, driving innovation, and creating lasting value. With a seasoned team of professionals and a passion for positive change, we are redefining the future of investment, one thriving business at a time. Welcome to Athari Partners, where growth, impact, and success converge.

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Investment Criteria

  • Revenues up to $50 million

  • EBITDA up to $8 million

  • Business-to-business (B2B) 

  • Recurring revenues or a high level of repeat business

  • Minimal customer and vendor concentration

  • Industries of Focus: Healthcare, Industrials, Professional services, and Light Manufacturing 

  • United States base

Portfolio Companies

VCI logo.jpg

Vital Care Industries
Global Medical Surgical Supplies Manufacturer

Closed December 2020

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